When you first hired your employees, you essentially needed them to assist you in performing your accounting services. You’ve probably quickly learned how easy those ‘helpers’ could turn into your ‘work family.’ Now you’re finding yourself in a true leadership and management position, charged with supporting and growing your staff, as well as your business. Here are three suggestions to keep your management on par with success for your practice.

                  Lead By Example

                  You hear this advice often. You don’t want to ask your team to do something you, yourself don’t practice. But it’s so important in leadership and means more than just operating with integrity. You can demonstrate true leadership behavior in your willingness to roll up your sleeves and join the ranks. Don’t be afraid to do tasks you might consider beneath your ability. In performing those duties, you can reinforce the team effort environment. You can also set the pace by completing certain tasks yourself, showing your employees how to do things the right way.

                  Be Available

                  You won’t be able to help your employees grow or solve problems if you’re unapproachable or unavailable. If your office door is always closed, you could be sending the message to your staff that you’re off-limits. Be present with your employees and remind them they can rely on you for questions, solutions, and insights. If you’re closed off to them because you want them to handle their own problems, you could be missing great business-enhancement ideas and opportunities. Some of the best business decisions come from an environment of collaborative sharing and inclusion.

                  Practice Authentic Leadership

                  Sometimes, you may try to apply management techniques within your office, only to find conversations backfire or don’t have desired results. All the advice in the world won’t translate to your team unless it comes from a place of authentic leadership. This means it’s more important, to be honest with every conversation, every recognition, and every constructive criticism. It’s ok to be yourself as a manager. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Have purpose and transparency with your decisions and communications. You’ll find your employees will respect you for it.

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