Changing Your Attitude to a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is vital to self-development, for personal and professional growth, and to live a happier existence. Being positive is a real concept and can change your life for the better. To achieve a positive mindset, one must change your attitude. In this blog, we are going to be writing about the elements or concepts you can use to improve your current position, even if it is a negative one.


Retraining your brain is an essential part of changing your attitude and mindset to be more productive and positive in your life. This attitude change will benefit you personally, professionally, medically, academically, and in life-long learning. Retrain your brain is teaching by thinking about the voice in your head. Be aware of the thoughts in your head to see if they are fixed or open to change. A good practice is to write down the ideas and think of positive ways to counteract these negative thoughts with positive ones. Changing Your Attitude to a Positive Mindset


When we seek to become more positive by recognizing the thoughts in our mind, it’s vital to trace those thoughts back to where they began. The basis for discovering these thoughts is to allow you to diffuse the triggers. Think of this diffusion as a stick of lit dynamite. You are aware you must do something right away, so consider the easiest way to stop the explosion. Our thoughts are ingrained with concepts or beliefs coming from external sources we have come to own. Quite often, we protect the triggers without realizing the impact they are having on our lives. For your own sake, trace those triggers back to mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, an elementary teacher, a best friend, a television program, or any other person who may have had significant influence over you before the young age of seven. Healthline Parenthood published an article by author Juli Fraga (reviewed by Karen Richardson Gill, MD) considering the question, “Do the first negative years of life really mean everything?” In the article, there is a quote by Aristotle, “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”


A part of triggers contains our reaction to criticism when seen negatively, leaves some of us with memories of our parents going on for hours about how we failed them and ourselves in “x-number” of techniques. These thoughts transfer over and become another trigger we need to diffuse. Instead of viewing criticism as someone trying to break your bones or spirit, train your mindset to think of it positively. A positive way involves seeing criticism as an opportunity for growth. Once we change our perspective or mindset on criticism, it no longer has power over or the ability to hinder our ability to be successful.


As humans, we tend to have an innate voice telling us the things we believe. The beliefs become a part of our psyche and control our minds. This control leads us to accept negative thoughts without questioning where they originated. A portion of diffusing triggers or changing your negative mind to a creative one, you must speak up to your negative voice. When we allow our negative view to remain in power, we accept no responsibility or control in the matter, which is not the reality. Speaking up to your negative view gives you the opportunity to put your negative view in its place. The moment has come for you to “retrain your brain,” evict it, and lease it to a positive tenant. We are only free if we allow ourselves to be.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “actions speak louder than words,” and, as we age, we realize this to be the case. You may talk-the-talk but neglect to walk-the-walk. If I say I’m going to stop swearing and I continue to declare, then what am I representing. When your boss asks you to proofread your work more carefully, and you let them know you will be much better, but you continue to forget to proofread, this tells your boss you do not care to stay employed. Yeah, reader, that’s correct, if you continue to refuse to change, then you are going to be looking for gainful employment elsewhere.


As we have seen, our actions can have an impact on our ability to remain employed; however, realizing the need to improve our vocabulary can lead us to a better place. For example, if I say, “I can’t do math because no one in my family has ever been good at it,” you are accepting failure and a lie to avoid studying math. The ability to perform well at something comes from practice. Surely, you’ve heard, “practice makes perfect,” which is merely stating how to change our vocabulary. Through the change in our diction, we begin embracing a positive mindset and sending the fixed-one down the road. Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and an author is a millionaire because of his ability to be positive. He is the author of many books and articles. His article, “Change your words, change your life: The simplest tool for immediately transforming the quality of your life,” starts you on the road to changing your vocabulary.”


The above elements for changing your ‘fixed-mindset’ to a more ‘creative-mindset’ are just a few ways to gain control over your life. If you want to know which mindset you utilize, there is a “test your mindset quiz,” you can take (please note: you may have to scroll down your browser window to see the quiz). The test will give you the results immediately after having you rate 20 statements on a scale of Strongly Agree to Disagree Strongly. Remember, be honest with your responses, so you have a good starting point to change your attitude to a more positive one.

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