Base Employee Rewards on Clear, Objective Measures

When it comes to employee rewards or bonuses, some co-workers may react with a little resentment or skepticism. Unless you can show that you’re basing the decision on objective metrics, such as sales or productivity, employees will wonder whether favoritism plays a role in recognition. Eliminate suspicion by focusing on these clear factors: Base Employee Rewards on Clear Objectives

  • Job performance. Spell out requirements in unambiguous terms, and give rewards only to those who exceed expectations.
  • Customer satisfaction. Have you received positive feedback about employees from clients, customers, or co-workers? Document the feedback for use when making reward decisions.
  • Cost awareness. Look for workers who take steps to save money for the organization without sacrificing quality. Calculate the value of their cost-cutting contributions when deciding what kind of award to give.
  • Company policy. Document your employees’ compliance (or lack thereof) with rules regarding such issues as attendance, job performance, and respectful treatment of others.
  • Positive attitude. This can be tricky to measure, but you can still document an employee’s eagerness to work, willingness to learn, and the ability to support the team in a positive manner.

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