Get off the Wheel Systems and Procedures for Greater Profits & Reduced Stress

By: Diane Gardner 

This Book is for you IF…

You are an accountant, bookkeeper, or tax preparer with employees and one of the following describes you: 

  1. I am new in business and I’m not sure how to proceed in a way that guarantees growth and profitability. 
  2. My practice has grown and now I have become a slave to my business. It seems like I spend the majority of my time responding to employees and clients and taking care of problems (putting out fires). This is not fun. 
  3. I see the need for systems and have even begun to put a few systems in place. My practice runs fairly well, but if it ran smoother and I didn’t have to do so many “regular everyday menial things” then I could work on marketing and other strategies that will help my practice to continue growing. 
  4. My practice is great, but I’m always looking for ways to continue to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. 



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