• Do you feel like a rat on a wheel – working way too hard and not going anywhere?
  • Have you bought into the myth that if you just work harder, you will be more successful?
  • Are you tired of constantly answering the same questions from your staff and clients over and over?


It’s Time to Finally Take Control of Your Business and Create the Life You Want!

  • Do you suffer from endless interruptions throughout your day which keep you from being productive?
  • Are you to constantly training new and existing staff members?
  • Is your staff productivity lower than you would like it to be?
  • Are you tired of struggling to keep your quality control where you want it to be?
  • Would you like to free up some time so you can work “on” your business?
  • Would you like your business to operate efficiently in your absence?
  • Do you frequently feel like it would be easier to just do it yourself?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then you are not alone!


If you suffer from practice management challenges such as those listed above … if your business isn’t providing you with the freedom (and profits) you dreamed of… if you’ve bought into the myth that if you just work harder, it will get better … if you want to finally turn it around… or even if you’re doing well but just know there is more… I’ve got good news: Get Off The Wheel Practice Management Solutions for accountants explains what you can do about it, shows you how to implement effective practice management strategies, reduces your stress level, and provides you with a community of other accountants who are facing the same or similar challenges.

Let’s Address The Obvious Issue.

You know your office isn’t operating at peak efficiency which affects your bottom line, the hours you must work, and your stress level. You probably know you need to make some changes in your office but you’re too busy putting out fires to even have time to think about it.

You have a problem!

The problem is very common but also complex, in that, none of us have the hours upon hours required to fix it. Who has time to create systems and procedures for all the various tasks in their office? What about creating and implementing a customer service program? As I travel to various conferences and events across the country I hear accountants constantly talking about how stressed out they are with staff issues and the associated challenges of operating their business. They are wearing many hats – accountant, manager, marketing specialist, human resources, janitor, etc. which results in no time for themselves. They work hard to get new clients but are disappointed when the clients don’t give referrals. They also struggle to find and keep good employees. Most accountants also have challenges with maintaining a consistent level of quality control amongst all staff members. Each employee brings different personality types, backgrounds, and skills to the table. Some are great at the one-on-one part of working with clients, others are great at in-depth analysis, and still others are great at getting the work out the door. It’s quite challenging to work with different personality types and skill sets while still achieving a consistently high level of quality control in the work that is prepared for our clients.

Here’s the Cost of Not Solving the Practice Management Problem…

What’s the potential cost of not solving your practice management problem?


The cost of not solving your practice management problem is EVERYTHING. Is it really that important? You bet it is. The systems and procedures behind your practice management system drive the way you do business. It’s easier to understand the reason an accounting office fails if we first understand how it got messed up to begin with. Here’s how it happens for most accounting practices:

  1. You decide that you can do a better job than the accounting practice where you were working.
  2. You put together a plan for starting your own practice.
  3. You set up a website and possibly even a Facebook page.
  4. You join a local Chamber of Commerce or something similar.
  5. You begin to get a few clients and start working.

Guess what happens next? Chaos, that’s what. Most accounting practices are chaotic. Files get lost, deadlines are missed, phone calls are not returned timely, and clients are not very happy.

Is It Possible You Are Only a Few Procedures & Systems Away From Freedom?

Can you get your mind around this: you may very well be a few procedures and systems away from freedom (the ability to get away from your business) – time you can spend with your family and loved ones. Think about that! Could implementing systems and procedures in your practice lower your stress level? Could improving your practice management improve the profits in your business? Because I believe good practice management is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure in the accounting world… I call successful practice management a “Master Skill”. Once you have put systems and procedures in place, your office will run on autopilot. This will allow you to concentrate on the areas of business where you enjoy working.


  • When you begin working your strengths, you will see your firm turn around
  • Thinking about taking on a new project or service offering – no problem!
  • You will be able to concentrate on growing your business

Paul Ryan says “Every successful individual depends on a community of persons working together.” When you enroll in the Get Off The Wheel Practice Management Solutions, you:


  • Understand the importance of implementing systems and procedures in your business
  • Belong to a community of accounting professionals who are working together to benefit each other
  • Learn new information about successful management of an accounting firm
  • Learn how to improve the customer service level in your firm which results in increased referrals and happier clients



Let me share a little bit of my story and my struggle on “the wheel” with you. I’ve been in the world of public accounting since 1988. I originally went into business for myself with the thought that I could do it better than the firm I was working for. Boy, did I have a lot to learn!! I, like most beginning accountants, opened my office and began the search for clients. I wasn’t prepared for the challenges of finding and acquiring clients so it took me a quite a bit of time before I had a few consistent clients.  This meant that I was under significant financial stress which caused me to accept just about anybody with a pulse as a client.

At that time I didn’t know anything about finding and servicing a market niche or how to become an authority. I knew nothing about marketing, about customer service, or even about client retention. I didn’t start out with a niche of any sort nor did I have anything unique about what I was offering. I was an orange in a sea of endless oranges. Once my practice started to grow, I found myself needing to hire employees. This was another new area for me, and one I didn’t know anything about. I made many mistakes in hiring which resulted in increased employee turnover because they just weren’t a good fit for my business. They were lacking in the skills I needed them to have, or they didn’t have the right attitude that would make them an integral part of my business.

Hiring and training employees is quite costly. This meant each time I hired the wrong employee it affected my bottom line negatively. It also cost me many unnecessary training hours. Over the next several years I worked incredibly long hours trying to serve my clients, manage my employees, and grow my business. I believed that if I would just work harder, I would eventually become more successful. Then I encountered a natural disaster that devastated the town we lived in. Immediately, most of the businesses in our area were out of business. As a result, I almost lost my business due to the lack of systems and procedures for operating my business and for generating new leads. I ended up closing that business and then I started over again in a new part of the country.

This time I was a little bit smarter. I began to develop various forms and checklists that could be easily accessed by everyone on my team. These forms and checklists were the beginnings of my current systems and procedures manual. I began to read every book I could find on how to develop systems and procedures. I attended conferences on this topic and listened to many webinars in an effort to learn more. I was desperate to find the answer to my problem. Over the last four years my team and I have spent thousands of hours documenting each of the procedures that are required to operate my office efficiently. After much hard work, we now have detailed procedures for the following areas of my business:

  • Admin staff
  • Bookkeeping staff
  • Payroll processing staff
  • Accounting staff
  • Management staff
  • Tax preparation staff

These procedures have been grouped together into three systems that allow my business to operate whether I am in the office or not. They are made up of:

1 – Tax Procedures And Forms

2 – Payroll and Bookkeeping Procedures And Forms

3 – Admin, All Staff And Management Procedures And Forms

You can buy each system individually OR get the WHOLE package as seen here.

As a result, I travel fairly often and now operate multiple businesses. My stress level has diminished considerably over the past few years! In addition to decreased stress, I also work fewer hours than I did previously. What a difference documented systems and procedures have made in my practice! Jim Rohn said, “My goal is to translate response into results. Some teachers teach for others to learn. That’s not me. Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me.” This quote sums up my desire and goals for this program.

We have rigorously tested each procedure to ensure the success of the program. We document a procedure, then distribute the procedure to individuals from a different department to see if they can complete the task. If it works, it’s good; if it doesn’t, we fix it until it does. Any procedure that doesn’t pass this test, doesn’t get added to the system until it does.

PLUS we have packaged them in convenient modules so you can choose what to dive into first.  You have the option to invest in the whole bundle OR purchase each module separately.

Let’s Face the Facts.

Right about now, if I were you, I’d be wondering, “If this gal has her office running smoothly, why on earth would she teach other people how to create an effective practice management system for their office?” Here’s the reasons why… First, I believe strongly in the importance of being a “giver”. When you share important, life changing, information with others, everyone wins. This allows other accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers to consistently provide a higher level of quality work to their clients which then benefits small businesses across our country. When these businesses operate successfully and grow, they provide jobs for many people. (Just think of the domino effect.) Secondly, I know how limited your time is. Writing effective systems and procedures is extremely time consuming. It takes thousands of hours to document each procedure in your office. Third, it is time for someone to share the actual nuts and bolts of how to implement a practice management system. I have listened to various speakers talk, read many books, and attended numerous conferences about this topic. Each time I walked away with the desire to put systems and procedures into place in my practice but didn’t know how to even begin. It seems everyone was preaching the need for practice management but no one was showing the actual nuts and bolts of how to do it. Well NOW someone has!


What To Do Now

Yes, Diane … I’m ready to change the way I’m doing business, to finally get off the wheel and build a practice of my dreams. I want to implement a proven practice management system that will allow me to reduce my stress level, free up time to work “on” my business, increase my quality control, meet deadlines in a more timely manner, and allow me to reduce the number of hours I am working.

I understand that as a member I will receive:

  • Done For You Procedures *modules sold separately OR the full bundle
  • Done For You Procedures *modules sold separately OR the full bundle
  • Quarterly Updates on New & Updated Procedures


One Full Payment of $2995

Get instant access to EVERYTHING* 

4 Payments of $900

Get instant access to EVERYTHING*


Tax Procedures & Forms For $1499

Payroll & Bookkeeping Procedures & Forms For $1499

Admin, All Staff & Management Procedures & Forms For $1499


NO RISK GUARANTEE! Take 90 DAYS to decide. I want you to be a cheering enthusiast of the Systems and Procedures in the Get Off The Wheel Program. I am so convinced this program will improve your work life I am giving you 90 days to put it to task. If after 90 days of applying the Systems and Procedures, if you’re not completely convinced it was worth 5-10x cost, then ask for a refund and one will be given, no questions asked and we will politely and immediately refund your money. That’s how serious we are about helping you get off the wheel.



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