How to delegate tasks is an important issue, but which tasks to delegate—and why—are equally good questions. Take delegation to a higher level with this advice:

                • Focus on growth. Use delegation as a strategy for employee development. Assign tasks that stretch your people, not just busywork that’s so “safe” nobody could screw it up. Think big: Delegate tasks that will have an impact on your employees—and your organization. 
                • Analyze your responsibilities. When deciding what to do yourself, consider the value of your own time. Would you authorize paying somebody at your salary level to change the toner cartridge? That doesn’t mean you should place yourself above grunt work; change the cartridge by all means when you need to, but don’t take on extra duties regularly that don’t match your management priorities. 
                • Look beyond the immediate task. When you assign a challenging task, discuss what your employee can learn from the work, what opportunities it might lead to, and how they can use the achievement to move forward. With a little planning, you can make the assignment more exciting and rewarding for employees.

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