People have so many options when it comes to in-person and online businesses today. Options are good for the consumer, but how do you make sure your clients choose you every time?

                  These tips will leave a lasting impression on your clients to be sure they keep coming back to you.

                  Go the Extra Mile

                  Clients will remember a company or individual who went above and beyond for them. This could be something as small as helping them out the door when they leave, or it could be something time consuming like researching a specific good or service they are looking for. Showing appreciation for your client’s loyalty goes a long way also. You could send them thank you notes or emails or even give out candy or goodies when you see them.

                  In today’s digital world, human interactions are becoming less frequent at businesses, so it’s important that when you do come in contact with a client you make your business stand out. 

                  Actively Listen

                  Anytime you are dealing with a client, whether in person, on the phone, or through email, be sure you hear what they are trying to say.  Repeating their issue back to them before you answer can help you clarify what they actually need. Stop yourself from formulating your response before they are even done talking. 

                  Being sure you understand what they need and want before you try to solve their problem will save you time and your client frustration.

                  Be Empathetic

                  Try to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Thinking about your business from their perspective can give you insight into ways you could improve your service. Always take their complaints and suggestions seriously. Any issues should be handled as quickly as possible and with the client in mind. 

                  They will know if you are being insincere with them and probably take their business elsewhere. 

                  Be Sure Your Whole Team is on Board

                  This is the key piece to making sure your clients enjoy their experience with your business. Making sure your entire staff give their best effort with each client is essential to know your clients are taken care of. Be sure your staff knows your expectations for client interactions and reward them for going above and beyond.

                  These may seem like common sense tips for customer service, but if you take the time to be sure they are being implemented, you will see client satisfaction improve. 

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