Hiring people may seem like a gamble, but you can increase your chances of hitting the jackpot by getting to know candidates as thoroughly as possible during the recruitment process. Here are some probing questions to ask: 

      • “Tell me about your best and worst boss.” The answer should give you some insight into how well the candidate deals with authority, rules, and conflict.
      • “Where do you see yourself in one year?” Five- or 10-year goals tend to be vague and theoretical. A look one year into the future can tell you how the employee realistically views his or her prospects at your organization.
      • “How did you get into this career?” Find out what drew the candidate toward the job. Look for evidence of focused effort and persistence, but also pay attention to the candidate’s willingness to be flexible and adapt to a different career path if circumstances warrant it.
      • “What do you know about our organization?” Committed candidates will have done some research into your organization and will have intelligent questions to ask.
      • “What did you like about our website?” If you list your website address in the job ad, then a motivated candidate will take some time to explore your website. This really helps to weed out candidates who are sending out mass replies to job ads and those who really want to work in your office.

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