The purpose of an interview is to discover whether a candidate is qualified for a job. It’s also your best chance to learn about the candidate’s personality and attitude and how well they would fit in with your organization’s culture. Here are some questions that will help you explore these areas:

      • “What are your career goals?” The answer will tell you about the candidate’s level of maturity, planning ability, and focus on achievement.
      • “Tell me about your first job.” You can find out a lot about the candidate’s work ethic by listening to their early job history. 
      • “What do you look for in a manager?” You’ll get a sense of the candidate’s expectations and a clearer view of how they like to work in an organization.
      • “Tell me about a time you failed at something.” You want to find out how the candidate deals with setbacks. Did they learn from the experience? How did the candidate bounce back? Do they take responsibility for the failure, or blame others?
      • “What skills do you want to improve?” This is a variation on the “tell me your strengths and weaknesses” question. You want to get an idea of how well the candidate can self-evaluate. The answer will also tell you more about the candidate’s overall career and personal goals.

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