Whether you’re talking to an employee or addressing an important client meeting, the basic rules of communication in the workplace apply. Make sure you’re getting your message across by following these guidelines:

      • Become the other person. What does your listener want to hear? Expect to hear? Need to hear? Anticipate how your audience—whether it’s one person or hundreds—may respond to your message so you can tailor your words appropriately. Be sure to speak their language and avoid accounting jargon. 
      • Know what you want. Don’t describe a problem unless you know what you expect the other person to do about it. You may not require a dramatic action—sometimes a simple nod or “I understand” is all that’s necessary—but having a clear goal can help shape your message. 
      • Confirm understanding. People may not be happy with your message, but make sure they understand what you’re saying—and what you’re not saying. Ask them to paraphrase your main points, encourage them to ask questions, and be ready to repeat and clarify your message as needed.

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