3 Ways to Help an Employee Facing Hardship

                Part of being a good business owner is remembering that your employees—even if they are upbeat and efficient in the workplace—are only human. Each employee is living an entirely separate life from the work they do in the office. Because of this, the day may come when an employee suffers a great loss in their personal life, whether it be divorce, home loss, sickness, or death of a loved one. Below are three ways you can demonstrate caring leadership in those tough situations:

                Offer Aid

                Evaluate the situation your employee is going through and ask yourself, “how can I help?” Maybe your employee is losing their home or living situation—consider lending a hand in the moving process. Offer to do some of the heavy-lifting or give them the address of that great used furniture store you frequent.

                Employees suffering from severe sickness may find themselves unable to complete normal tasks around their home. Offer to mow the yard, prepare a few meals, or whatever else you feel comfortable with.

                If your employee has lost a loved one, many workplaces elect to prepare food for the after-funeral potluck. Some workplaces choose to send flower arrangements or other items to the funeral home, to offer the family comfort.

                Send a Gift

                If you prefer to offer your sympathies in a less hands-on way, consider sending your employee a gift on behalf of the office. Flowers and a signed card are great, but assembling a personalized gift tailored to your employee’s situation is even better.

                Maybe their sickness requires them to make frequent trips to and from the hospital—a gas card would help alleviate some of that financial burden.

                Gift baskets are also a great way to show your care. In most places, you can order a specific type of gift basket to be delivered but assembling your own is an option as well. Tailor the items inside to your employee’s personality and situation.

                Rally the Team

                The best way to help your employee through their trying time is by actively supporting them in the workplace. They may not be able to give their usual 100%. Rally your other employees to help pick up the slack and alleviate some of the pressure.

                Your employee may also need to take some time away from the office—assure them that you will take the steps necessary to see that they have the time they need to grieve or heal.

                For better or worse, life happens. These tips will help you better navigate the workplace and make a significant impact on your employee.

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