Test Your Commitment to Goals

      Now that tax season is over, it is time to revisit your goals. You may have big goals, but do you have the passion to bring them to life? Success usually requires a road map and a strategy, but it also calls for an overwhelming drive.

      Try testing yourself with these questions:

      •  Do you feel strongly about the importance of your goal—why it’s necessary to achieve it? 
      • Does your idea match your values and beliefs? 
      • Is this something you’ve dreamed about for a long time? 
      • Is your goal vital to the future of people you care about? 
      • Does your goal get you excited when you think about it and share it with others? 
      • Is it realistic? Are you sincerely convinced that your goal can be achieved? 
      • Are you willing to put your credibility on the line for it? 
      • Can you make your goal the primary focus of your activities? 
      • Are you willing to devote your personal time—evenings, weekends, vacations—to bring your goal to reality? 
      • Will you be able to reject criticism and negativity? 
      • Are you committed to the long term as you work toward your goal?

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