Positive Attitude: Keeping and Maintaining One

Do you ever struggle with maintaining a positive outlook on a day to day basis? This struggle can stretch into other aspects we have to deal with on a daily basis such as work, school, and family, just to name a few; but it is vital not to let these things alter your thinking and attitude ultimately. 

Positive Attitude: Keeping and Maintaining One

It may not be the easiest to keep a positive frame of mind with all the negativity going on in the world but in whatever way is most efficient for you, you have to try. Some simple ways to keep this mindset include: 

  • Input uplifting sermons and atmospheres   
    • We hear and see so much in a day. Processing all of that information would do us no good. Ensure the music, entertainment, and external sources of influence promote healthy actions and attitudes.   
  • Surround yourself with POSITIVITY  
    • It is not realized how much one’s surroundings can affect their mindset, normally until it’s too late. Make sure you are covered in the energy you want to portray.  
  • Take care of yourself! 
    • Get efficient rest 
    • Eat healthily 
    • Cleanse your spirit DAILY  
      • These are a few of the vital activities you must make sure you are practicing every day. This is customizable though, so just make sure you are doing whatever makes you feel the most at peace and relaxed.  
  • Be accountable for oneself 
  • Control what YOU can control  
    • People commonly get lost in what is going on around them and let it alter their way of thinking. Realize, you can only control yourself, your actions, and your way of thinking.  

These, by no means, are the only steps that can be taken to promote and keep a positive attitude but they can get you going in the right direction. Always remember: positivity radiates. So, once you find your source of jubilation, stay near it.  

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