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Being surrounded by clutter is unpleasing. Maneuvering around your office is like participating in an obstacle course, you have business updates tucked into the contact book, and you can’t locate the flyers you swear you already printed. Let’s face it, being unorganized puts a damper on more than just your workspace appearance. It affects your time, you mood, and your wallet. Being exhausted after a long day is understandable, but taking the time to straighten things out will benefit you more than crashing on the coach with a frozen dinner to watch the premiere of the new series your co-workers were raving about before calling it a night. Make the workday less of a hassle and boost your potential by obtaining these benefits of being organized.

1.) Eliminate Stress. An unorganized area might not seem like that big of a deal at first, but if you don’t take action, the mess will keep piling up, and you’ll find yourself frequently getting frustrated. When you’re stressed out, it’s hard to stay focused and handle things in a well-thought out fashion. It also drains your energy, decreasing your productivity. Cleaning up your workspace will increase your mood and eliminate stress.

2.) Save Time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know precisely where everything is rather than playing a guessing game of, “Where on earth did I put that?” Knowing where all of your work necessities saves you from taking minutes to find what you’re looking for.

3.) Save money. “Oh, that’s where it was,” you’ve probably said days after going on a frantic search for something you needed in the moment. Being organized will keep you aware of what you have and what you don’t which saves you from buying unnecessary office supplies in the long run.

4.) Love your work space. Messy surroundings are embarrassing. Not only do your clients notice, but your co-workers do as well. You might feel like no matter how well-dressed or how well of a worker you are, all the attention drifts toward the mess around you instead. Getting organized will release embarrassment, increase your confidence, and make you happier in your environment.

5.) Increase productivity. When you’re organized, you don’t have to waste time trying to get yourself together because you’re already prepared. You can put your focus into your work and with all the free time, space, and heightened energy, you could multiply your productivity. Therefore, your efforts have a higher chance of getting noticed.



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