Procrastination and Distractions Eat Up Timetime

All professionals need to have time management as one of their skills, regardless of whether they are a board director or working in an entry level job.

Procrastination and distractions by everyday activities can eat up time, but there are ways to avoid some common time management errors.

One of the most common mistakes is not actually being aware what has to be done and by when. The way to fix this problem is to brainstorm all tasks that need to be performed and have each item organized and grouped into projects, at which point those items can be categorized into those relevant to your personal life and your work.

Another common mistake is choosing the simplest task to do first, which may seem appealing but tends to result in important tasks being pushed back and neglected. Always do the most urgent tasks first, and tackling the toughest assignments before the easy ones is also psychologically beneficial, enabling people to feel more productive.

A lack of goals can also be a problem. Goals are important to allow everyone to know what it is their efforts are in aid of and tend to provide your team with a much greater degree of motivation, so set short- and long-term goals for tasks in order to provide direction.

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