Not every day in the office is a walk in the park. Even if you normally love what you do, sometimes work can get you down. When your day starts without coffee, the traffic is bad, you’re behind on work or others at work are sharing their own stress, it can be surprisingly challenging to stay positive and productive. Often during bad days, even your own mind turns against you and it’s easy to start not just feeling bad about the day, but also feeling bad about yourself. On these days more than any other, it’s important to never give up. When you feel like everything is going wrong, you need to get back up and fight for both yourself and your pride in your work. Especially if you are a business owner, where your attitude sets the mood for the entire workplace. 

                  Reject the ‘Bad Start’

                  For a lot of people, starting the day wrong can set you up to have a bad time for the rest of the day. Sometimes it seems like you wake up and the world is stacked against you. The first thing to go wrong appears to trigger a chain reaction. The truth is that usually, these days aren’t much worse than any other, but whatever set off your bad mood is causing you to see it that way. When you wake up wrong, miss your chance for morning caffeine, or miss your morning routine, the traffic isn’t slower and your work isn’t harder, it’s only your down perspective. In this state, it may seem ridiculous to try and ‘cheer up’, so that’s not what I’m telling you. Instead, fight the bad mood. Have a good time in spite of it. Grit your teeth, treat the mood like your enemy, and really get into your work. You’ll be enjoying yourself again in no time.

                  Don’t Listen to Stress Talk

                  You are often on the same project with your employees and facing the same deadlines. This is great for teamwork and unity but, unfortunately, it also means that you all get stressed out together when things aren’t going perfectly. A lot of people let off steam by saying negative things, making dark jokes, and sometimes even being unpleasant to the people they work with. When you and your employees are struggling to meet your goals, don’t let their negative talk get you down. Participating in stress talk often only increases the stress. Instead, get more determined than ever to finish your portion of the project on time. When you’re fighting for results, you have the chance to inspire your employees to do the same and, if you finish early, you might be able to help them out as well.

                  Take Setbacks Head-On

                  When you’ve been working hard, setbacks can be a big hit to your morale. Whether you’re facing the consequences of an uncaught mistake or something that was completely out of your control, a lot of people feel intense frustration, sadness, and disappointment when facing a major obstacle that delays or impedes their work performance. That sadness and frustration won’t help you, so don’t accept it. Even if you want to throw your hands up and walk away, get back up and show the setback that you mean business. When you take on challenges with a fighting attitude, getting back on track is a victory you can celebrate.

                  Even for professionals and business owners who love their work, bad days happen. And sometimes your motivation is what takes the hit. When you wake up in a bad mood, when things seem harder than they need to be, or important issues go wrong at the office, that’s when it’s time to show what you’re really made of. Set a great example for your employees. By staying energetic and motivated in the face of adversity, you can improve your team’s efficiency and turn a bad day into a good one with simple positive perseverance.

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