We all have those clients we consider our best or maybe even favorite. They are easy to work with, transparent about details and probably personable. But that doesn’t mean they’re loyal. Chances are, if they’re a great client for you, they’ll also be a great client for your competition. Landing new clients is an ongoing effort, but retaining your existing clients is equally important. Here are three easy steps to building strong customer loyalty.

                  Business Checkup

                  Ask your clients for a meeting to perform a business checkup. These can be conducted seasonally, annually or quarterly. A business checkup will give you the opportunity to review past work you’ve completed for your client and ask for feedback on performance, results and improvements. This is also a great opportunity for you to highlight all the added value you bring to the table. Clients sometimes forget about the little, free things you do for them on a regular basis. Overall, a business checkup will allow you to really dive deeper into their needs and expectations and allow you to cater your solutions precisely. 

                  The Power Of Food

                  Clients love food! Whether it’s donuts on a Friday morning or pizzas for lunch during a busy season, showing up with snacks shows your client that you’re appreciative of the partnership. It tells your client that you’re thinking about their business and allows you to have another valuable touch point. Don’t underestimate the power of a last-minute lunch invitation either. Everyone needs to eat; if you can capitalize on the opportunity to sit down with your client, do it over lunch! By investing the $10-$30 on food, you can leverage serious mileage on snack drops and lunches.

                  Call Or Email Without Asking For Business

                  Keep up with your clients’ industries. When you see an article regarding an industry trend or relevant technology, forward it along to your client. Don’t be afraid to reach out without asking for business. Checking in, passing along an article or inviting your client to an upcoming Chamber of Commerce event can demonstrate your investment in the business relationship.

                  You work hard to secure those clients. Don’t lose sight of retaining them.

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