Some workplace problems are simple. With others, though, the right decision isn’t always as obvious as you would like. If you follow the four-step process described below, you may be able to resolve workplace problems effectively.

        1. Evaluate the information. Don’t jump to conclusions. Find out what’s happening (or what happened). Who was involved? Is the source of your information reliable? Do you have all the relevant facts? 
        1. Consider the people involved. How might your decision affect the relevant stakeholders? Think of your employees, their co-workers, the organization, the community, etc. What issues are important to the people who will be touched by what you do? 
        1. Consider your organization’s values and your own. Do any values conflict with each other? Examine proposed solutions with an eye on ethical considerations before making a final decision. 
        1. Don’t delay. Without rushing into anything, make a decision that takes into account both the interests of all the relevant stakeholders and the ethical values involved. Taking too long can let a bad situation become worse.

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