Creating a work environment in which many types of employees feel respected and at ease is essential to building a solid team who are in it for the long haul. 

            Conversational Guard Rails

            Some subjects just shouldn’t be brought up in the office environment. In general, these topics can be inflammatory and divisive … not the greatest at bringing employees together.

            Subjects to avoid:

            • Politics
            • Religion
            • Compensation
            • Personal details including relationships, health problems, etc.

            It’s also important to stay away from gossip or openly speaking detrimentally about any employee or coworker. This can create distrust among the team.

            Email Etiquette

            Have you received an email that made you cringe? Email etiquette has long been a topic of discussion, but most of us can benefit from some tweaking in our email behavior.

            1. Keep subjects short. Email subject lines shouldn’t communicate a question or issue. Shorten it for the subject and add the details in the body of the message.
            2. Review your recipients. Especially regarding reply emails, are there any that can be removed from the list? They may have been included earlier in the email chain and it no longer pertains to them. Some of us receive so many emails that eliminating even one unneeded message can help streamline the workflow.
            3. Read and reread your message. Consider how your tone or meaning could be misunderstood. Keep sarcasm to a minimum since it is so easily taken the wrong way.
            4. Avoid contentious issues in email. With the high incidence of misunderstandings through email, it’s best to avoid that possibility. Handle these issues in person or over the phone.

            Customer Service

            The customer is arguably the most important part of any business. Overall, no matter if you’re having a bad day or other struggles, put a smile on your face or in your voice and have a genuine conversation with your customer. They are the priority!

            Clear communication is also essential especially when there are delays or problems. Be upfront and explain the situation compassionately.

            When clients visit your office, ensure they receive your attention along with offering something to drink and a comfortable place to settle. Put away your cell phone and laptop unless you are collaborating on a project that requires those tools

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