In the accounting industry we spend a good portion of each day performing tedious tasks. And though we might not be able to eliminate them, we may be able to make them less dull. Try these tricks on how to beat boredom:

                1. Decide how long it should take you to complete a task, then shorten the allotted time by 25-50 percent. Set a timer to push yourself to get it done—and get it done right—in less time than you’d normally take.How to Beat Boredom?
                2. Think about how you usually perform the task, and then take an entirely different approach. Write out your daily to-do list in longhand rather than typing out tasks on your computer. You might also try writing them in crayon or colorful markers to infuse a bit of fun into the process.
                3. Make everyday tasks creatively challenging. Rather than simply thanking workers for their extra efforts, try coming up with an original song or poem to extol their virtues, or a list of positive, actionable verbs that praise their efforts.
                4. Can you think of some suggestions on ways to beat boredom? We’d love to hear from you.

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