“Three to Remember”

I’m a strong believer in the KISS Rule: Keep It Simple Silly. It is easier for our team members to remember our priorities for Out-Of-This-World Customer Service if we keep our expectations simple and clear.

I developed our “Three to Remember” to reinforce the most important principles for serving our clients. We share these often with our team members. Team members learn our “Three to Remember” their first day on the job and will see the “Three to Remember” time and time again in internal emails, company newsletters and repeated in our team meetings.

 Our “Three to Remember” are:

  1. What can I do to make you happy?
  2. “And then some.”
  3. Do what you do so well clients can’t help telling others about you!

 “And then some” reminds team members that we should always do everything we can to provide Out-Of-This-World Customer Service “and then some.” In other words, do our best and a little extra!

“Do what you do so well clients can’t help telling others about you” is a take-off from a quotation by Walt Disney.

Each of our “Three to Remember” has this in common — they’re all about making our clients so happy they will keep coming back and spread the word to others!

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