Customer Service…and Beyond
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Surprise and delight has become a popular concept in marketing and customer service. It’s all about providing unexpected experiences that exceed expectations. After all, who doesn’t love a treat that comes from out of the blue? Big companies do it, and advocates say it builds brand loyalty and powerful buzz. On the other hand, surprise and delight tactics can backfire unless you’re strategic so keep these points in mind.

It’s a supplement: It’s called surprise and delight, not apologize and try to change the subject. Treats are not a replacement for competent and courteous customer support. You have to start with agents who are trained and empowered so that they can resolve issues or refer customers to the correct resource. There’s no substitute for listening, communicating clearly, and taking prompt and relevant action.

It’s something clients really want: The surprise must have value in the minds of your clients and be easy and convenient to use. It’s not about clearing out promotional products that are taking up space in your own storage or packaging a sales opportunity to look like a reward.

It’s sustainable: Think twice about doing anything so extravagant that you can’t repeat it or build on it. Instead, focus on developing an authentic emotional connection that makes clients feel appreciated. It can be simple and inexpensive like an electronic coupon, helpful information or using technology to make transactions easier. Overall, remember to focus on Out-of-This-World customer service first, and then look for opportunities to add on experiences that create an emotional connection and greater client satisfaction.


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