The Importance of Routines and Proceduresroutines and procedures

Not everybody loves routines and procedures. But everybody has them. When you wake up in the morning, you probably have a routine or a ritual that you go through in order to wake up and get ready for work. This might be a routine that someone taught you when you were a kid. Or it might be something that you’ve arrived at over the years because you feel that it works for you. 

Sometimes, we just go through these routines and procedures without thinking about whether they really work for us. It might take us a long time to realize that a certain routine needs to be thrown out the window.

Systems and Procedures in a Workplace

The systems and procedures in a workplace are like these routines, only they apply to an entire workplace and not just one person. For example, when you need to write a business letter, you might dictate that letter to your assistant who then types it up and brings you a copy for your final edits. Then you make your edits and they go ahead and make those changes to the letter before sending it out.

This is a procedure that you usually go through before sending out a letter. And it might be a procedure that works for you.

Systems and Procedures That Don’t Work

There are times when systems and procedures don’t work. Often, this happens when too many people are involved in one piece of work. For example, if you’re writing a report, several different people might work on it, which means that it’s going to take a lot longer to get done.

At other times, there might be too much paperwork involved in a certain procedure. For example, you might have to fill out three forms in order to get reimbursed for petty cash.

Obviously, these kinds of systems and procedures are a waste of everyone’s time. And the way to simplify them is by thinking about them consciously and making the necessary changes. Don’t let your company become stuck in a rut where nothing changes.

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