Different Ways to Celebrate Accomplishments

                Accomplishments are big or small. They can come at any point in time, especially after the end of a stressful or peak period of work. Accountants often feel these pressures at the end of the tax year or fiscal years of various companies they represent. Sitting in front of a computer or a set of paperwork can be mentally exhausting and cause exhaustion on the eyes. Soon, it seems the numbers all start running together. The best way to lessen the burdens of these stressors is to come up with different ways to celebrate the big or small accomplishments. A way to do this is by offering accomplishments that are intrinsic or extrinsic in manner. Different Ways to Celebrate Accomplishments

                Intrinsic Celebrations:

                • Talk about working together as a time to be successful.
                • Make sure your employees understand the meaning of doing a great job.
                • Try to allow employees to prioritize their “to do” lists. Giving employees schedule control will give them a sense of accomplishment.
                • Acknowledge your employees’ hard work by letting them know how appreciative you are of their hard work.

                The Ivy Business Journal, written by Kenneth Thomas, gives a more in-depth explanation of how intrinsic rewards matter and why. In his article, Robert Tanner, author of “Intrinsic Rewards — You’ll Need More Than Money and Benefits,” talks about why intrinsic rewards seem to be more useful in the workplace.

                Extrinsic Celebrations:

                • Throw a pizza party or provide lunch on a Friday afternoon.
                • Raffle off gift cards by giving your employees a ticket and letting numbers be drawn.
                • Throw a party at a bowling alley with refreshments and pick up the tab.
                • Give your employees a small gift for other holidays, such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Employee Appreciation day.
                • Make certain your staff has the best in terms of office furniture, computers, printers, office supplies, and other accouterments.
                • Provide your employees with a bonus or another monetary incentive, such as stock in the company, to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

                When it comes to outward celebrations or rewards, it is crucial to make sure your employees are engaging in hard work because they understand its importance, and not to get the bonus. If this becomes the norm, and the company comes upon difficult times, there may be issues when the organization cannot afford to give extrinsic rewards. The Economic Times provides more information in regard to extrinsic rewards and being cautious in giving them.

                There are many ways to celebrate accomplishments regardless if they are big or small. Everyone loves walking into the workplace to find boxes of fresh donuts and hot coffee to start their day. The biggest takeaway is celebrations don’t have to be extreme or elaborate, but just a nice way of saying ‘thank you’ to all of your staff members. When employees’ efforts are acknowledged in big or small ways, it heightens morale and makes a difficult job one worth looking forward to doing.

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