4 Hiring Tips Every Accounting Firm Should Be Leveraging

                In your busy accounting office, you know the importance of having the right people, within the right roles, performing their best. When it comes time to grow, you may worry about adding a fresh personality to the mix and upsetting an already streamlined team. Maybe you’re hesitant about fleshing through countless resumes and finding that ‘diamond in the rough’ candidate you need. Today, we’ll highlight four hiring tips you can leverage immediately to make sure you’re considering only the best-fit candidates to add to your firm.4 Hiring Tips Every Accounting Firm Should Be Leveraging

                Setting the Expectations

                Make sure any job descriptions are accurate and set proper expectations for the role you’re looking to fill. Don’t be afraid to include hectic tax-time environments or after-hours requirements. Don’t sugar-coat the position to lure people in the door. Instead, paint the accurate picture of what working within your company is like.

                Be Flexible with Requirements

                Some of the best candidates may fall short of specific educational requirements or field experience levels. Be mindful that while someone may not measure up on paper, it doesn’t mean he or she won’t be an ideal fit for your team. Schedule the interview and explore the applicant further.

                Soft Skills Can’t Be Taught

                Consider putting more weight on a new hire’s soft skills. Personalities and character are significant contributors to a candidate’s performance capabilities. Some skill sets and soft skills can’t be taught. Hiring a friendly voice for your phones might mean compromising a little on accounting environment experience. Finding the personality that complements your current team and is inviting to clients is immeasurable.

                Include Your Staff in the Process

                Get a second opinion on the final round of candidates by having others within your firm conduct second or third interviews. You can leverage valuable perspectives from those this new member will be joining, and you encourage your staff to accept your final hiring decision.

                Finding the next member to add to your accounting office doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Tap into these best practices, and congratulations! Hiring means you’re growing! For more tips and ideas to streamline your hiring or operational processes, contact us!

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