Celebrating wins is as a vast untapped resource with your team members. Here are four tips to catapult you in the right direction. But first, we need to know why celebrating your wins is crucial. 

    Here’s the thing, successful businesses aren’t successful because of a one-time occurrence. It’s usually because of tiny calculated steps over time.  Companies often miss the opportunities to celebrate the inches they’ve made quarterly or annually. 

    And like life, it’s essential to acknowledge the small (and big) wins along the way. When you celebrate the small stuff, you add to the perseverance bucket, which is critical to sustaining the stamina of your business. So give yourself and your team a pat on the back with four untapped ways to celebrate wins in your business: 

    Staff Meetings Aren’t Just For Progress Checks And Updates

    Designate one staff meeting per month to specifically focus on the wins from that week (or from that month).  Have your whole team maintain a watchful eye on the great things your employees are doing. This public acknowledgment isn’t just a thoughtful act, but it’s incredibly powerful because it’s a public display of appreciation. 

    Take A Bit Of Stock In Throwback Thursdays (#tbt)

    Social media has overwhelming participation with Throwback Thursdays. Why does it work so well? Because people like to look back and take stock––either to compare or to remember. In other words, people love to share their progress and remember meaningful moments. So why not create your hashtag? For instance, one manager created Milestone Mondays to celebrate the wins of his employees on a regular basis.

    Rewards Don’t Have To Be Expensive: It’s The Thought That Counts 

    No matter how small or how large your business is, it’s essential to incorporate rewards in your business model as people like attention and acknowledgment. A little reward is impactful because it’s usually on display, it gets talked about which boosts morale (and gets other people involved), and it makes people feel seen. It could range from allowing your employee to come in a little late, have an extra day off or a personalized mug that says something like this, “You’re awesome!” 

    Step Away From The Spotlight

    Yes, it’s great to be acknowledged by the boss, but it would be even better if other employees acknowledged each other. Decide on a praise tool (similar to the talking stick) and designate someone to “own” the praise object for the week or the month. They then have to praise someone else and pass the praise object to that person who then does the same next week or next month. Praise is equally compelling when it comes from your peers—not just your boss. 

    You may think you don’t have time to implement some of these ways, but you do—and it’s necessary. Your business and profits are crucial, but your employees are the driving forces working on the front lines (and behind the scenes) to produce the results you seek. 

    So, take the time to implement one of the four ways sooner than later. Not only will your employees enjoy being a part of it, but it’ll remind you of all the good your company is doing. You deserve it.

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