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Why Social Media is Needed for Your Accounting Practice.

If your business has a web presence but nobody finds it, does it have a web presence? It’s the new philosophical question for the age, but unless you are in the business of philosophy, it may not be so funny.  Even though the medium has changed, you still have to have something which draws new clients to you. People may seek your business when they look in a search engine for a business of your type, but word of mouth, popularity and impulse clicking can be so much more valuable. Let’s look at a couple of things which your business can do to gain a social media presence.

Add content regularly. If your business only trends on social media every so often, that may be a bad proposition. If you occasionally trend, that means that there are troughs to accompany every peak. Troughs are times when your business is not reaching its full potential. Adding content to your site on a regular basis keeps clients coming back to you for information and news. That keeps your product in the front of people’s minds more often, and when they want your product, you are who they will think of first.

Use a blog writing service. If you do not have time or skill to write quality posts, there are services available which employ freelance writers who can help you. It’s a win-win situation: freelance writers want to write, and you can choose the best content for your site without necessarily having the writing skill to create sparkling content.

Create a mobile app. Every time a client leaves their house, they take you with them. An app includes a customized logo, so every time a client looks at their phone or tablet they are reminded of your business. However, your app and your site must do something specific. Your app cannot just be a bookmark to your site unless your site in itself is a constant and vibrant draw.

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