In building a successful business, you must have the right combination of talented people to drive it. It is imperative that you make great hires in staffing your accounting dream team. Your team is only as strong as its weakest link. Below are three key considerations to help you navigate the dream team building process. 

    Identify your needs first

    Before you begin your search, identify what core competencies are imperative in your business services. Examine each department and layer your requirements accordingly. Determine the technical skills your staff must possess. Then build a list of supplemental traits or experiences that successful accounting professionals have. Use these lists to keep your recruiting efforts focused and don’t stray by entertaining a hire who doesn’t meet your requirements.

    Find candidates that meet your needs

    You will be hard-pressed to find candidates to meet all your requirements entirely. Instead, look at each applicant’s mix of strengths. Don’t focus solely on technical value, look for excellent communication skills and relevant team experience. Ultimately, you want your hires to complement each other in both skill sets and personality.

    Foster an environment of sharing

    Your goal is to hire a team that brings balance to your business. Each person’s attributes should overlay the others to create a seamless network of talent. The key to producing a results-oriented service is creating an environment of sharing and communication. You want your team to share their knowledge with each other and foster growth and learning.

    The key to building a dynamic team is to remember to avoid superstars. Don’t rely on one or two individuals to carry the knowledge. Identify and hire talented people with strengths that complement each other. Be mindful of personality and communication habits. Structure an environment of learning and growth to maximize results. For more tips on building your dynamic team, contact us!

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