Done For You Systems & Procedures Manual Onlyimages Congratulations on your decision to “get off the wheel” and get on with life.

Not everyone has time to participate in the mastermind group and that’s okay, we will be here for you when you need us. But everyone does have time to get these “Done for You” Systems and Procedures in place. You are only one click away from freedom.


  • Admin staff
  • Bookkeeping staff
  • Payroll processing staff
  • Tax preparation staff

  • Customer Service
  • Accounting staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Management staff



These procedures have been grouped together into systems that allow my business to operate whether I am in the office or not.  As a result, I travel fairly often and now operate multiple businesses. My stress level has diminished considerably over the past few years!  In addition to decreased stress, I also work fewer hours than I did previously.  What a difference documented systems and procedures have made in my practice! You too can have this DONE FOR YOU Systems and Procedures Manual so you can:


  • stop struggling to keep your quality control where you want it to be.
  • free up some time so you can work “on” your business or better yet free time to yourself and family!
  • increase staff productivity and efficiency
  • alleviate the work of training and re-training
  • have consistency in your business
  • have increased customer service


Get off the wheel and get your DONE FOR YOU Systems and Procedures Manual today with two great payment options!

 Full Payment of $3995


  4 Payments of $1125/month


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