A Positive Mindset Will Make For A More Cohesive  Workplace

Workplace training and team building meetings are hokey at their best. They’re awkward, occasionally boring, and they pile up work for later in the afternoon or the next day. But they’re worth doing, anyway. Unless you have employees who are determined to deliberately undercut the positive mindsets team training builds, positive mindsets will happen whether employees want them or not. Here’s how:

There is no real or fake happiness.

Happiness is a bit different from a positive attitude, but they are built by the same tools. The chemicals that build memories and mental connections don’t often care whether they’re created by a forced smile or a surprised laugh. The duration or degree of happiness might change, but the happiness itself is the same. So if you or your HR director is worried that team training won’t be effective because the positivity it’s creating is artificial, don’t worry about it. The premise is almost certainly artificial. But the positive connections formed even by awkward fill-in-the-blank coworker praise and barely tolerated list-making aren’t.

Transparency doesn’t ruin positivity.

Having employees write down positive things, or even making it a habit for yourself, makes people happier and healthier. Whether the writers know it or not, writing down successes, things they’re grateful for, or enjoyable moments from the past week actually reduces stress and makes people more open to collaboration.

That’s the important part: it works whether people know it or not. Instead of ignoring the groused mutters of, “Why do we have to do this?” you can tell them. In fact, giving a roomful of dubious adults hard evidence about positive psychology can help them adopt positive habits on their own. At the very least, it will make them more likely to participate.

There is no man behind the curtain. Or, if there is, he doesn’t mind being seen. For more ways to integrate habits that build a positive mindset and make your workplace more cohesive, go to Adept Business Solutions here.



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