Every business has two types of clients: Internal and external.

    External clients are the ones who purchase our products and services. As business owners, we place a huge emphasis on providing excellent customer service to keep those clients happy and to keep them coming back. We can’t forget, though, the importance of providing excellent service to our internal clients as well. 

    Who are our internal clients? These are the individuals who play an important role in keeping your business running smoothly. If you are an accountant, your internal clients are those who you need to do your job. Consider the role the receptionist plays in confirming your appointments or the job your janitor does in keeping your lobby neat and welcoming. When you have a deadline to meet, your client might be the FedEx guy.

    Keep in mind the role these internal clients play in your success. Great customer service is a good practice all of the time in all of our dealings whether we are working with clients, vendors or the team member the next cubicle over.

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