3 Team-Building Activities for New Hires

Having a new set of employees is a great way to get new perspectives and new talent in the workplace, but how do you make them feel like they are part of the team? For most companies, providing new hires with a few team-building exercises can greatly improve knowledge and comfort within the company culture, as well as providing a way to build partnerships between employees. Here are three activities you can try. 3 Team-Building Activities for New Hires

Egg Drop

This is a classic activity for new hires to help them see how essential it is to work as a team. For this activity, you will pair up your employees into small teams of two or three, then provide them with an egg and materials to build a protective structure for the egg. These materials can include straws, tape, newspaper or other common office supplies. Once the teams have built their structures, each team will drop their egg from a specific height to see if they have built a structure that keeps the egg from breaking.

Scavenger Hunt

When you want to provide an activity that gives your new hires both a chance to get to know the office and get to know each other, a scavenger hunt is the perfect activity. You can set up the hunt to make sure they have to go through different parts of the office to meet employees and see how each department works. At the end of the hunt, not only will they learn how to work with each other to accomplish a goal, they will also know the office that much better.

Two Truths and a Lie

If you need to find a way to get your new employees to communicate while getting to know each other, the game Two Truths and a Lie is a great way to get the ball rolling. In this activity, each person makes three statements, one being a lie. The rest of the employees will have to guess which one is not true, and in this, they will be able to learn a little more about each new hire.

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