Focus on Employee Innovation

The best way to motivate employees to become more creative and innovative is by liberating people from job descriptions that focus on what they can’t do instead of what they can. Then, on an ongoing basis, attend to these important psychological factors:

  • Purpose. A mission statement is fine, but it’s only a first step. You should constantly reinforce what your organization wants to achieve, and why it’s a worthwhile goal.
  • Belonging. Employees want to feel welcome and included. Pay attention to them as individuals. Find out what drives them to succeed, so you can use that energy to achieve your organization’s goals.
  • Strong leadership. Employees need clear direction. Communicate with them and stand your ground when quality and ethics are in question.
  • Team focus. On a team, people should support the overall goal first, and their own career needs second—which can enhance their career goals in the long run. Do everything you can to instill a sense of team spirit in your workforce, not a looking-out-for-number-one mentality.
  • Measurement. Clearly defined goals and accurate metrics tell employees what’s valued and important. They’re more likely to be productive if their efforts are monitored and supported by management—as long as it doesn’t turn into micromanagement.


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