Focus on the Positive

Literary legend J.D. Salinger described himself as “paranoid in reverse.”

“I suspect people of plotting to make me happy,” he said.

If you shared his brand of paranoia, just imagine how much you’d look forward to meeting with clients. Sadly, clients don’t plot to make us happy. Some are downright difficult and hard to deal with.

All people are different with unique personalities. It’s often said that the ones who bug us most are the ones most different from us. Learn to accept and enjoy that diversity. Remember that everyone’s needs are typically the same. Treating clients like honored guests creates goodwill.

Do your part by learning to be verbally disciplined. What you say to yourself and to others should focus on the positive. Avoid judgments.

Say, “She has an interesting style,” instead of “That lady’s dress is hideous.”

Think to yourself, “This client is cost-conscious,” not “Oh, man, this client is going to nickel and dime me to death!”

It’s not always easy to be positive and non-judgmental. Sometimes you have to force yourself to stay upbeat.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Just for today, try not to say anything negative or judgmental about anyone. If you succeed today, try going another day. Make verbal discipline a habit and you will enjoy people more and more.




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