Putting Systems In Place to Grow Your Business systems

Most accountants don’t have a systemized way of running their business.  They wing it and do things off the cuff. They are constantly in reactive mode (putting out fires) instead of being proactive (growing their business).  Being reactive is very costly due to repeated mistakes, lost sales and clients, and minimal profits. Implementing effective systems can change that.

Systems are the key to getting more done.  They are the solution to getting the results you want.  It takes intensive work and focus to build effective systems in your business, but investments of time now can prevent massive and costly mistakes later.

What is the definition of a system?  A system is defined as a set of things, actions, ideas, and information that interact with each other, and in so doing, alter other systems.  When you outline and follow a proven system, you get the same results each and every time.

The best and most successful accountants have a system for how they operate every aspect of their business.  It is scripted, well thought out, practiced, implemented, and improved upon as needed.  The system is the solution to getting the results you want each and every time.

Developing systems requires discipline, standardization, and order.  It also requires a new set of skills that you may or may not have developed yet.  This is the key to having a successful and profitable business.

It is important to make the shift from your business being completely dependent on your own personal skills to a business that is dependent on a process through which these skills can be transferred to anyone to whom you teach the skills.  This allows you to take a break – go on a vacation, attend a conference, be able to leave your business whenever you want to.

Most accountants are always looking for ways to stand out from their competitors.  Building better systems will allow you to be more profitable and successful which then allows you to be a leader in your industry instead of getting lost in the crowd.

Ask yourself: How can I improve my business so that it is systems dependent rather than people dependent?



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