Development Plans Are Keydevelopment

Employee development is a top concern, one that requires constant attention. Ask these questions to create a healthy development plan for your workforce:

  • Where is your organization headed? Look forward to the next five years. Anticipate the changes your organization will face, so you can decide what skills you’ll need from employees in the future.
  • What strengths do employees already have? Measure what your employees do well, so you can concentrate on taking advantage of their current competencies—by shifting them into positions that use their strengths better, for instance.
  • What weaknesses must you address? Look for gaps and obstacles that might prevent employees from helping you reach your long-term objectives. Provide training and experiences that target the growth you need.

Eliminate Obstacles to Communication

Communication is like oxygen—you don’t think about how much you need it until it’s cut off. Don’t let a good atmosphere leak away. Look out for these sources of communication problems:

  • Environmental factors. Take a look around your workplace—and listen. Do co-workers have enough privacy to talk on the phone—or so much that they rarely talk to each other? Is there sufficient light? Is the workspace too noisy? All of these distractions can detract from smooth communication in any direction.
  • Organizational design. Does the org chart permit rapid communication between levels? Do you and other managers make time to listen to employees? Look for bottlenecks and barriers—requests that have to go through intermediaries for no good reason, for instance.
  • Body language. Pay attention to nonverbal cues. When an employee speaks to you, do you give your full attention? Do people sit close together at meetings or spread out, increasing the psychological distance between them? Eliminate bad habits, like not looking people in the eye, which impede messages.

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