Spread Smiles.  

    Actions speak louder than words and so do smiles! When you smile at someone, it sends the message that you like them and you are happy to see them. It’s hard not to smile back when someone smiles at you. That’s because smiles are contagious. 

    When someone makes a gesture to you, especially a nice one, who can resist responding in kind? Have you ever been greeted at the door by a dog, almost excited out of their skin because they have missed you? It makes you feel pretty special, doesn’t it?

    Imagine if everyone you met throughout the day reacted just like your pooch when they first saw you? That might seem weird, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone made you feel like you were the most special and important person in the world?

    As you talk and interact with clients today, think of ways you can make them feel just as special and important — like there is nothing else you want to do at the very moment than provide them with great customer service! Start with a smile.

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