Set Goals and Build Ownership
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You set goals, and you want to meet those goals. In our previous article, we looked at setting End Goals and supporting them with Process and Performance Goals. This helps everyone to feel ownership, and to have clear ideas about where they can improve, so they do achieve. In this article, we will discuss a simple way to build ownership in goals and to give each person a clear and effective way to revisit goals and to improve their own performance and to meet their goals more certainly.

Improving Performance

This method is known by several names including the Achievement Sequence and the Coaching Circle. Revisiting goals to incrementally improve when and how someone carries out their tasks follows four logical steps.

Step 1: The Goal

Focus on the goal you or the performer is visiting. Let’s say it is a Process Goal to have two successful sales meetings a day. You will already have defined “successful sales meetings,” so the sales exec knows exactly what this “goal visit” is about.

Step 2: What is Going Well?

They look at what they are doing now that leads to them checking off a sales meeting as being successful. This may include how well they prepare beforehand, learning about the prospect’s needs, wants, problems, etc. in the meeting so they can present sensible solutions, and close the sale.

Step 3: What Could be Going Better?

Here they score their performance on each element. They may score 10 on meeting prep, but only 6 on questions to discover wants, needs, and problems. Now they can focus on what they do well enough to score 6, and what is stopping them from scoring a 7, an 8 or a 10. This tells them which knowledge or skill area they should get better at to raise their score, and achieve their goal of two successful meetings a day.

Step 4: What Will You Do Next Time?

Now they have a specific action to take. They can practice it, so they score it an 8 or above in the next meeting. They will carry this improvement across to every sales meeting from now on, so they should achieve their goal of two successful meetings a day.

The Takeaway

Logical and focused steps lead to better and better performance. The goal may be to reduce wasted time in the office or to close more sales. When each person meets End Goals by improving how they each deliver on Process and Performance Goals, they are clear about everything they must do. They feel in control, and they own the goal. Successful businesses make more profit. As a business owner, you want to keep as much of your profit as possible. We can help you both introduce and maintain excellent office procedures so everyone is more productive, and we can advise you on effective tax strategies, so please click here to contact us.



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