Honesty Is The Best Policy!honesty

Honesty is always the best policy when dealing with clients. You’ve heard it said that we weave a terrible web when we deceive. I have no idea how some people keep tabs on all of the lies they’ve told. One of the big things all liars have in common is that, eventually, they are found out.

I just can’t emphasize enough that honesty is indeed the best policy where clients are concerned. It is the key to providing Out-Of-This-World Customer Service. When you make a mistake and are honest and acknowledge it, most clients will be forgiving.

You give what you get. When you are honest with clients, your team members will be honest with you. When you lie to clients, you communicate to your team that lying is OK. Not only will team members disrespect you if you are a liar, they will believe it is OK to lie.

If you have team members who are dishonest and covering up the mistakes they make, you are setting yourself up for a real headache. Make honesty your policy. For more help on this contact me at diane@getoffthewheel.com


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