Word-of-Mouth Advertising Can Be A Powerful Toolword of mouth

When a client is happy you can count on them telling others. On average, they will share the good news about your business with one to three other people. An unhappy client, on the other hand, will relate their experience to a far greater number of people. Researchers say dissatisfied clients will tell as many as 16 people about poor service.

Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful and it’s important that all of your team members understand exactly how much power a happy or unhappy client can wield. The cumulative effect of word-of-mouth advertising can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

In the internet age with so many avenues for online reviews and ratings, it is more important than ever to provide Out-Of-This-World Customer Service every time and always. The last thing you want going “viral” is an internet review when your service has missed the mark.


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