Streamlining by Outsourcing Key Tasks

Outsourcing has been a politically hot topic for decades, and the negative connotations are fairly entrenched. But the Internet and the countless creation of new services it has allowed for give accounting firms too many advantages to dismiss them out of hand. If you want to focus on streamlining your business, consider outsourcing these two elements to third-party service providers:

Who is protecting your business network?

Hacks and data leaks are in the news every week, and it’s not just large corporations who are targeted. Whether you run your business out of your home office or you rent an office space, bots and viruses are always looking for a way into your network. Make sure it’s protected by finding an IT service that monitors your network, provides up-to-date malware protection, and helps keep your systems clean. 

This is even more important when you manage personally identifiable information like financial data, account numbers, and banking information. The government is creating more and more stringent regulations for data management. If you focus solely on the accounting side of your business, some of those changes can pass you by and leave you on the hook for penalties or liability claims. Instead of taking the risk, give the work to a business whose central focus is data and network protection.

How good is your website?

Even if you have a traditional brick and mortar accounting firm, a lot of your firm’s traction will need to come from online hits. Not only does a good website establish your firm’s credibility, it gives you a wider range of clients. Wide adoption of the Internet across all sectors means your clients don’t need to be in your town or even in your state. Instead of learning the ropes yourself or hiring an employee to focus solely on SEO and HTML, find a CMS or online portal that handles most of the technical work for you.

Everything, even your core business, can be outsourced if you want it to be. But if you want to keep all of your focus on accounting and management for good quality control, let go of the rest of it. Go to  for more practice management tips and how to grow your business.



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