Personal hygiene, essential in the office, involves maintaining one’s cleanliness and appearance as to preserve health and well-being. In a professional work environment, letting your personal hygiene decline can negatively impact your customer service abilities as well as your relationships with coworkers. Maintaining these essentials can increase your self image and provide a more comfortable office environment.


              Maintaining cleanliness helps avoid the growth and spread of bacteria, unwanted bodily odors, and unkempt appearance.

              • Washing the body daily, the hair every other day (can vary depending on hair type), and teeth at least daily.
              • When coughing or sneezing, turn away from others and cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid spreading germs.
              • Wash hands with warm water and soap regularly, including after using the restroom as well as before and after eating or preparing food.
              • It’s also important to keep desk areas clean. This includes disposing of food in a timely manner, cleaning keyboard, mouse and phone, and organizing the desktop and drawers.

              Personal Grooming

              • Facial hair – shave daily and keep nose and ear hair trimmed
              • Use deodorant
              • Style hair neatly
              • Keep nails trim and clean
              • Makeup should be conservative and appropriate for the office

              Dress Code

              Some offices have transitioned to a business casual dress code; however, most accounting firms are maintaining a slightly more formal standard. Complying with your office’s requirements is essential.

              Overall, keep necklines high and skirts close to the knee. Also, jewelry should be conservative. Clothing is expected to be clean and pressed if necessary. Wrinkled clothing is to be avoided along with high heels. Neutral colors and simple designs are also often preferred.

              Be sure to comply with your office dress code and maintain your personal grooming in an appropriate way as acceptable in your office. In case of a client meeting, it’s advisable to have a more formal clothing option on hand.

              These guidelines can help create a comfortable and professional working environment for everyone in the office.

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