Keep Your Happy Clients Coming Back – Losses Add Up

It’s pretty incredible to think that one of the nation’s most successful grocery store chains has only four stores! Stew Leonard’s, a Connecticut-based grocer, serves more than 100,000 customers a week at EACH of its stores and has boasted of having the highest sales per square foot of any business in America.

The retailer has had an amazing amount of media coverage and received numerous awards because of its success — all attributed to its Out-Of-This-World Customer Service! Stew Leonard’s continues to build on its success because of its ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service.

The company newsletter explains the importance of being ever-vigilant and never becoming complacent when it comes to customer service: “If we lose only 1/100th of 1 percent of our 100,000 customers a week and the average shopping bill of each of our 100,000 customers is $100 a week, our stores would lose $2.5 million a year.”

Just losing 1 percent of customers would have a staggering impact on future sales. Over the course of 10 years, the business would suffer a loss of $25 million. Imagine in the impact of losing the same number of clients — or more — year after year after year!

Clients go elsewhere for many reasons, but many times the decision to go elsewhere stems from one single moment of poor treatment, rudeness or lackluster service by one employee.

Little losses add up over time and the more you make, the more you have to lose. Happy clients keep coming back!




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