Some employees who are ready for promotion may be easy to spot, but others aren’t always so obvious. If you think you may be overlooking some talent that can be developed, look for these clues that a worker is ready for a promotion: 

      • Free time. If an employee has finished all his or her regularly assigned work and has nothing to do, it could be a sign that he or she is ready for more responsibility.
      • Fast response time. Keep track of how quickly the employee finishes assignments and short-notice tasks. If he or she is getting faster, a promotion may be indicated.
      • Initiative. Pay attention to employees’ abilities to anticipate your needs, or a client’s, without being asked.
      • Asking for challenges. Are employees coming to you with requests for more challenging tasks? Assuming they’ve completed all their routine work acceptably, this is as obvious a hint as you’re likely to get.
      • Taking leadership positions. Take notice of which employees tend to fall into the leadership roles in work groups or teams. This will not only help you identify who’s ready for more responsibility, but also who has the respect and confidence of your other employees.
      • Helpfulness. Look for workers who are always willing and able to help their colleagues. Both their knowledge and their willingness are good indicators of their potential.

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