Who’s the Boss?boss


You have only one boss. Your boss might sweep floors and empty trash cans or be the CEO of the country’s largest corporation.


Your boss pays your salary and determines the success of your business. You may have been in business for years, but that doesn’t matter to your boss. If you start treating her badly or take her for granted, your business will fail.

Your boss, THE CLIENT, has bought and paid for all that you have. She has clothed you and your family, paid your mortgage, covered your car payments, funded your vacations and will pay your kids’ college tuition. Your pay depends on how well you treat her.

You might think you work for the person who signs your paychecks, but you don’t. You work for the person who keeps your business afloat. THE CLIENT can fire anyone in the company simply by spending her money elsewhere.

Consider how many large corporations were once flourishing and how many businesses used to be successful. Take heed of the companies that no longer exist. They didn’t — or couldn’t — satisfy THE CLIENT. They forgot who is boss.




Get off the Wheel Systems and Procedures for Greater Profits & Reduced Stress

By: Diane Gardner 

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