Improve Your Leadership with This Skills Assessment

    Good leaders reassess their skills regularly. Whether you’re a veteran or new to leadership, spend some time exploring these questions in detail: 

    • Who and what do I influence? Your sphere of influence isn’t defined or limited by your job title. Who asks for your advice? How do your decisions affect other people and different departments? Do people follow your example without being asked?
    • Can I improve my people skills? Leadership is based on personal relationships. How well do you get along with people at different levels? How well do you listen to others? Can you disagree without losing control?
    • Do I project a positive attitude? You don’t have to be an insufferable Pollyanna, but remember that people prefer following leaders with positive enthusiasm and energy. Do you focus on opportunities and refuse to get bogged down worrying about obstacles? Do you look for solutions instead of assigning blame?
    • Am I self-disciplined? Top leaders start by taking charge of themselves. Do you manage time effectively? Do you put your organization’s goals ahead of what’s easy or convenient? Do you prioritize tasks and take care of unpleasant but necessary ones first?
    • Do I refuse to settle for the status quo? Leaders always look out for new challenges. You don’t want to change for the sake of making changes, but you do have to constantly grow and develop and help others and your organization do the same. Do you look at the big picture and not just the day-to-day details? Can you look away from distractions or pressure and take a broad perspective of what’s necessary?
    • How’s my track record? A lot of would-be leaders keep themselves busy without achieving much. What have you really accomplished? How did you work with other people to succeed? Was your success obvious to others? Are you willing to put forth the same effort on future endeavors?

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