When you’re an accountant and a business owner, the busy pace and unpredictable nature of operations calls for you to have the ability to be flexible, resilient, and maintain a great attitude. Inevitably business owners will experience days full of mishaps, mix-ups, and misunderstandings, which can leave you feeling more like the business’s punching bag instead of the owner. Still, it seems that the hardest times to stay positive are usually the most important, as a positive attitude equips you with the best ability to problem solve and handle stressful situations. Some of the most effective ways to maintain a great attitude are by practicing self-care at work. Below are 3 ways to incorporate self-care into your workday.

       Take a Laugh Break

      Most of us have a favorite meme, photo, or television or movie scene that makes us laugh no matter how many times we’ve seen it. Laughter is nature’s medicine. It produces positive physiological changes in our bodies and is a proven stress reducer. So whenever you’re feeling stressed and need an attitude adjustment, then take 5 minutes to uplift yourself through laughter. Your favorite scene from The Office is just a YouTube search away.

       Give Your Mind Opportunities to Rest

      When we are having a busy day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, anxious, and mentally flustered. Oftentimes, our minds get so caught up in what needs to be done, that we cannot focus on actually getting the tasks accomplished. It becomes necessary for us to pause and get anchored in the present moment. There are a number of ways for us to recharge our brains. Try a guided five-minute meditation, deep breaths, a mindfulness app, or staring at a calming nature scene.

       Surround Yourself with Positive Messages

      If you are in the middle of experiencing a situation that is causing you to have a negative attitude, then chances are, the people around you or your team may be feeling the same way. This means that you will have to be very intentional about maintaining your own positive attitude so that you can set the tone. There are a ton of motivational quotes out there, but some of them speak to us more than others. Try posting a motivational quote, a positive affirmation, a mantra, prayer, or a word that reflects how you want to feel that day, in a very visible place. This can include your phone screensaver, a poster on the bathroom door, a message taped to your computer keyboard, or a sign on the break room or exit doors.  An added bonus is that this can benefit your entire organization. You never know when it will be just what you or a team member needs to see.

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