Looking The Part For Any Job Is Vital To Your Success

Looking the part for any job is vital to your success. Taking care of your outward appearance will show your employer and your clients that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Dress for success. This advice was probably beaten into your head throughout high school and college, but it’s the truth. Nobody is going to take you seriously in the office if you walk in looking like you did at last night’s party at the club. Separate your career wardrobe from your lifestyle wardrobe if you have to. It’ll look a lot better not only in your closet, but on you as well. Another tip is to observe what your co-workers are wearing; you don’t want to completely emulate them but getting a feel of the general style will help you look like you are part of the team.

Less is more. When it comes time to step in front of your vanity and choose your beauty essentials for the day, think “less is more”. Beauty experts from Marie Claire suggest “subtle is better“. This isn’t to say that you can’t rock a red lip; it simply means to wear it properly. If you want to draw attention to the red lip, keep everything else neutral and soft.

Your hair is also important to keep in mind. Office professionals often wear their up in ponytails or buns, as to keep it out of their face, therefore eliminating as many distractions as possible. Spraying a light layer of hairspray will keep your locks in place all day.

Confidence is key. After your clothes are on and your hair and makeup are done, what’s left? Confidence. This characteristic will not only bring more positivity to the workplace, but it will “…boost your self-esteem and your career…“, says career expert Lynn Taylor.

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