Recruit Team Members Who Deliver Exceptional Service!

Attitudes are contagious and bad ones are like the flu bug: You don’t want it going around the office! One of the great things about Out-Of-This-World Customer Service is that it creates happy attitudes. When you set clear expectations and give team members the power to make clients happy, they will love their job.

Team members with great attitudes can make filling a position easy. Why is that? They will tell like-minded friends and acquaintances when you are adding a team member. They won’t refer people with bad attitudes who won’t be committed to keeping clients happy and the workplace upbeat.

Once you get those candidates through the door, make sure your interview questions will give you the insight you need to determine whether a candidate is truly committed to providing Out-Of-This-World Customer Service.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

Describe a situation at your previous job when you had to deal with an unhappy or demanding customer. How did you handle it?

Tell me about a time when you received excellent customer service? How did it make you feel? How did it influence your opinion of that business?

Questions like these may not only factor into your hiring decision, but will also emphasize the importance you place on serving clients in an exceptional manner. Before the interview ends, reiterate that a team member’s No. 1 responsibility — no matter what their position — is providing Out-Of-This-World Customer Service. 



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