Procedures Help Build Employee Confidence

Every team member needs to understand the role they play in Out-Of-This-World Customer Service. It is imperative that team members understand what is required of them and that they utilize the L.E.A.R. System (Listen, Empathize, Ask, & Resolve) to provide clients with the best care possible.

What you expect of your team members should be very clear. We have written procedures for every job we do at Adept Business Solutions. There are procedures for greeting clients, answering phones, taking messages, fielding complaints, entering customer information into our recordkeeping system, processing payroll, preparation of income tax returns, bookkeeping duties, etc.

Some of our procedures were written by our management, but most of them were developed cooperatively with team members who agreed on the very best way to do a job. We recognize that there can always be room for improvement. If a team member feels the procedure no longer works, they are responsible for working with management to revise the procedure.

When team members are encouraged to approach management with suggestions, we are able to work together to improve service for our clients. Having written procedures in place also makes training new team members much easier because they have a set of written policies they can refer to when they have questions.



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